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Vision & Mission

  • Vision

    To be an excellent and leading Language Learning Center

  • Mission

    Driving language learning excellence centered on technological, innovative and quality learning towards the development of excellent human capital


  • Improving language skills to increase employability among students.
  • Achieving excellent language skills and in turn have a positive impacts on student mobility programmes.
  • Developing clear and focused fields of language expertise among academic staff, in line with the needs of teaching and learning and further impacting the recruitment of international students.
  • Optimising staff expertise towards the exploration and resolution of language learning issues.
  • Providing ample space for staff to increase professionalism in the field of language-related expertise.Offering professional and executive development modules and courses in the field of languages.
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Centre for Language Learning promotes communicative and intercultural competence in its curriculum. The aim is to empower students to use the target language in order to fully understand information, to express themselves orally and in writing and to communicate with native and non-native speakers of the language. 

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