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Dean's Foreword



Assalamualaikum wrt wbt and Salam Sejahtera

Salam UTeMku Sayang “Menjajar Universiti, Melonjak Ke Hadapan”


Alhamdullilah, all praise be to Allah swt for His Compassion and Mercy has granted me the opportunity to welcome all of you to the official website of the Centre for Language Learning (CELL), Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)

CELL was initially incepted as an Academic Service Centre in the year 2000. In 2016, it was rebranded as the Centre for Languages and Human Development. Advancing into its second decade of establishment, and aligned with new challenges, the Centre is currently known as the Centre for Language Learning or CELL.

Tasked with the commission to ensure sustainable language programmes and soft skills development, CELL has envisioned to prevail as a Centre of Excellence for Languages, namely English Language, Malay Language, and international languages such as German, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese. In addition, CELL also oversees several soft skills Development programmes such as Ethics and Civilization Appreciation, Integrity and Anti-Corruption, and Current Issues and Philosophy.

CELL’s mission, in particular, is to produce skilled professionals and intellectuals through the immersion of adept language and soft skills in all the programmes offered. Presently CELL consists of three departments, namely, the Department of English Language, Department of National Language and International Language and Department of Soft Skills Development which offer not only university-compulsory elective courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, but also offer specialized certification programmes such as the TAHFIZ Certification. In line with the nation’s lifelong learning initiatives, CELL also organizes university-level short courses related to soft skills and language competency skills.

Last but not least, we warmly welcome you to our website to find out the areas of teaching, research, innovation, and potential collaborations, as well as short courses and language services that are open to everyone – students, staff, and the public. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information.


Thank you.



Dean of the Centre for Language Learning (CELL)

Universiti Teknikal  Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)



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Centre for Language Learning promotes communicative and intercultural competence in its curriculum. The aim is to empower students to use the target language in order to fully understand information, to express themselves orally and in writing and to communicate with native and non-native speakers of the language. 

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